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(a) lndia through a traveller’ s eyes

The author, pearl s. Buck loved and liked lndia greatly. She visited this country before the second world war but she learnt much about the lndian people through books and magazines. Her family doctor also was an important source of her knowledge about lndian life who described things to her when she was in her childhood days. She nursed a desire to visit lndia right from her childhood. She had heard a lot from her father about lord budha and buddhism. She opines that lndian life is as colourful and varied as life in america. She is full of praise for the exceptional beauty of kashmiri lndians. She was extremely happy to see the fairness and white skins of the women of kashmir with their auburn hair and blue eyes. She termed these as extraordinarily beautiful. She profusely praises the beauty of her lndian friend’ s  husband who belonged to kashmir. The entire kashmiri people belong to the caucasion (of the lndo- European group of people) rece. On the other hand, she found the people of south India as black as those of Africe.

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