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Important topics 1st Semester Physics.

Physics (Mechanical)

Module. 1

Electrostatics. 1

  • Curl , Divergence , gradient Del Operator
  • Coffee ring Effect
  • Bounding condition of electrified


Electrostatics. 2

  • Dipole ,Electric field (a.) Spherical( b.) Cavity
  • Bound Charge
  • Polorization
  • Boundary Condition of Displacement ( a.) Spherical (b.) Plane



  • Bio – Savrat law (a.) Divergence (b.) Curl
  • Stoke’s theorem
  • Current Density

Module. 4

Magnostatics in magnetic medium

  • Bound Charge
  • Properties And type of magnet material
  • Fero ,para ,Dia – magnetic

Module. 5

Faraday’s law properties uasi – Statics process

Module. 6

  • Displacement of current
  • Time dependent magnet
  • Maxwell equation
  • Current density equation  (Countinuity equation)
  • Pointiry vector
  • Momenton in magnostatics

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